Heart FM / හාට් එෆ් එම්
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 1076
Released Date : 2008-01-16
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Heart FM / හාට් එෆ් එම්
Film No : 1076
Released Date : 2008-01-16
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35 mm
Category : Romance
Company : AP Films and Theatres (Pvt.) Ltd

Main Actor : Gayan Wickramathillaka

Main Actress : Kanchana Mendis

Director : Senesh Disanayaka Bandara

Producer : Soma Edirisinghe



Adaraneeya Wassane famed young director Senesh Dissanayake Bandara's second film ‘Heart FM’, which is to be released from January 16 is an attempt to make a film for the present younger generation. The film is a genuine attempt to create a novel cinematic experience specially to attract young audiences to theatres.

The filmmaker has amply used music to bring this effect. In fact songs emerge as if it were another Bollywood movie. And almost all these songs are sung by the artist es, who represent today's young generation, namely, Centigradz, Ashanthi, Chinthy, Kasun Kalhara, Uresha Ravihari, Teesha, Sureni, former Jayasri member Aruna Lian.

And the music styles employed for these songs include modern hip-hop, rap, pop and many more. And the main story is woven around a teenage boy, a young couple and a school going girl. Major part of the movie is dedicated to two young friends, who are supposed to study for their Advanced Level examination but waste time listening to FM radio and making request for songs. And also their attempt to mislead a young broadcaster in their request show. And the rest of it is mainly about Mandakini a young woman who lives with her sick daughter.

Next, the locations and setting including beautiful Nuwara Eliya, luxury houses, star class hotels and shopping malls in the film are beautiful and attractive. And added by the latest digital technology, the filmmaker has tried to bring a novel effect to ‘Heart FM’. Thematically the film is a love story without a villain or hero but lovers.

These are the ingredients that make 'Heart FM' a novel attempt for a second cinematic venture by the young director Senesh Dissanayake Bandara. When considered as a whole, most of the incidents and co-incidents that we come across in the film are dreams or far from the reality. And we can excuse this, for director wants to create a dream like movie, just like a world created by some of the FM channels.




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