Hathara Denama Surayo New / හතර දෙනාම සූරයෝ (නව)
[ Colour ]
Film No : 1078
Released Date : 2008-02-29
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Hathara Denama Surayo New / හතර දෙනාම සූරයෝ (නව)
Film No : 1078
Released Date : 2008-02-29
Colorimeter : Colour
Category :
Main Actor : Amila Sampath Abeysekara
Main Actor : Jagath Chamila
Main Actor : Roshan Pilapitiya
Main Actor : Buddhika Jayaratne
Main Actress : Nadeesha Alahapperuma
Main Actress : Manjula Thilini
Main Actress : Kanchana Mendis
Main Actress : Chathurika Pieris
Director : Neil Rupasinghe
Producer : Neil Rupasinghe



Was it epoch making history? Or was it history making history? Hatharadenama Soorayo, the popular film of 1971 which starred a legend of the Sinhala cinema Gamini Fonseka, produced and directed by the affable Neil Rupasinghe created history in a film remake only second to the Hollywood film industry named “God Created Woman” by Roger Wadim.

Hatharadenama Soorayo is the second in the history of film industry in the world that the same Producer and Director did a re-make of the same film after 37 years with the same theme creating a world record.

The original cast Hatharadenama Soorayo had outstanding actors of the calibre of Gamini Fonseka, the romantic Vijaya Kumaratunga, Anthony C Perera and Senadeera Rupasinghe with the most intelligent actress of the Sinhala film industry Malini Fonseka in the female lead.

Rupasinghe recently created history in the Sri Lankan film industry being the same producer and director of the film Hatharadenama Soorayo which had four youngsters like Buddhika Jayarathne in Gamini’s role, Roshan Pilapitiya for Vijaya Kumarathunga’s role, Jagath Chamila did an Anthony C Perera and Amila Abesekara took over Senadeera’s place in the cast.

Chathurika Peiris was chosen to play the role of Malini Fonseka and Kanchana Mendis in the supporting role earlier played by Sriyani Amarasena. Also in the female cast were Manjula Thilini and Nadeesha Alahaperuma.

37 years later Rupasinghe who created history by the remake of the film was a proud man, who had this to say: “The film was reproduced and directed by me not with the wish of creating any records. But to keep the theme of the film alive with youngsters in the cast”. He, however lamented that it was difficult to replace legendary men and actors like Gamini Fonseka, Vijaya Kumaratunga, Anthony C Perera and Senadeera Rupasinghe who played the prominent roles in the film.

Buddhika Jayarathne who played the role of Gamini Fonseka did his best but one can’t expect the same from him as we saw in the legendary man Gamini Fonseka as an actor.

Another feature in the remake of this film was the new technical effects introduced with the advanced technology with slight changes to sound, editing, creative fighting and lighting.
The remake of the film, according to Neil Rupasinghe had cost a staggering 15 million with a shooting duration of 90 days.

Technical operation of the film clearly defines the difference between the mini screen and the larger screen. Up and coming producers Lalantha Watudura and Malcom Stanislaus, a Dentist by profession assisted Neil Rupasinghe in the product of film, Hatharadenama Soorayo.

The new version of the film however, sadly lacks the personality and looks of a Vijaya Kumaratunga and character and charm of a Gamini Fonseka. The roles of the female partners come close to the original actors but a void could still not be ignored. Perhaps it is also due to the elements such as the surroundings, locations and dialogues of those of the original cast.




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