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Ray Jay is a Sri Lankan / New Zealand 
Film Director, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Animator and  Visual Effects Artist.
Ray first got into filmmaking at the age of six and decided to become a filmmaker when he was twelve. Since 2002 he has worked as an editor, cinematographer & Visual Effects artist. In 2004, Ray co-directed/produced/cinematographed & edited “The Ocean Was My Best Friend” and also co-produced/ cinematographed & edited “Hope”. both films subjected the 2004 Tsunami sufferers in Sri Lanka. The two short films entered the 2005 World Fest- Houston International Film Festival and got in to - top 50 (under the short film category) and became finalists for cinematography. He then directed and produced “The Currupted", a 15 minute short film highlighting the drug world in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After graduating from South Seas Film & Television School & University of Auckland, Ray worked as an animator/visual effects artist (later head of post production) for MedTV (Auckland, New Zealand). After leaving MedTV in 2008 he briefly worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Lucus Animation, Singapore). 

Ray co-founded the film Production Company Grindout Productions in 2009 and his first future length film was the action/adventure “Chase”.He co-directed, co-wrote and produced the film with his collaborator Udana Fonseka. He then went on to produce the next film “Train to Kandy” set to release soon. His is currently filming His first solo directorial debut "Re-Entry" a Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller.

Ray Jay has developed a remarkable unorthodox filmmaking technique with the inclusion of multitasking in his projects such as cinematography, all areas of post production, visual effects, and animation in addition to writing, directing, producing.

2000 - Combat (Short film)
2001 - Family Values - (Short Docu
2004 - Hope (Short film) - Cinematographer, Editor
2004 - Ocean was my best friend (Short film) - Director, Producer, Editor 
2005 - The Currupted (Short film) - Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Visual FX 
2010 - Chase: The showdown begins (Feature film) - Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Director
2011 - Train to Kandy (Feature film) - Producer, Editor
2011 - Who will they become (TVC) Part 01 & 02 - Cinematographer
2012 - Ghost Hunt: Legend of the Chanting Dwarf (Feature film) - Producer. Writer, Director, Editor, Visual FX
2012 - Re - Entry (Feature film) - Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Visual FX 


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