Pissu Pusoo / පිස්සු පූසෝ
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 932
Released Date : 2001-05-03
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"Pissu Pooso" is the first film of the series of crazy films directed by Sunil Soma Peiris. The film was followed by "Pissu Double" which was released on the same circuit.

The film is woven around twin boys of identical features brought up in two different worlds and become completely opposite characters.

The two brothers are separated a few days after their birth. "Duggy" becomes a thief while "Prem" brought up abroad to a wealthy family and leads a luxurious life. But with the return of Prem causes a series of confusion and misunderstandings due to the identical features. At times even their girl friends and their parents mixed each other and in these situations the two brothers who did not know anything about each other and they become utterly helpless. Meanwhile an enemy who was brought before law by their father, a long-standing police officer plans to get revenge.

Meeting on an unexpected situation the brothers get together in a mission to rescue their father.

The cast include Bandu Samarasena, Dilani Abeywardena, Freddie Silva, Rex Kodippili and Ravindra Yasas. To the script and direction of Sunil Soma Peiris and Sudesh Peiris, 'Pissu Pooso' is produced by Sunil T. Fernando.



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