Golu Hadawatha / ගොළු හදවත
[ Black & White 35mm ]
Film No : 175
Released Date : 1968-04-24
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Damayanthi Kariyawasam (Dhammi) (Anula Karunathilake) is a mischievous school girl. Sugath Weerasekara (Wickrema Bogoda) is a shy and introverted boy, who is new to the school. He is quiet and talented in studying. Dhammi is immediately attracted with this behavior and both become friends, which eventually grows in to a special relationship.

Sugath, who has lost his parents when he was very small, has a brother, who studies at university. He talks about his relationship with Dhammi, with his brother, Sarath (Wijeratne Warakagoda) as well.

But, the day they have their final exam, Dhammi tells Sugath that she only loved Sugath as a brother and not to keep any further hopes about her.

Sugath is heartbroken and comes home to meet Sarath. In the meantime, he pases his exams with flying colors and Sarath also marries Champa (Sriyani Amarasena), who is willing to accept Sugath, as her own brother.

But, Sugath who is unable to forget Dhammi, keeps thinking about her and gets in to drinking. He also loses his job as a teacher and sadly departs from home.

One day, Dhammi comes to meet Sugath and reveals the secret for her sudden change. She states that her marriage with her cousin, Nihal was arranged by their fathers, when they were small. She tells him that she still loved Sugath, knowing that she would never have the chance to become his. She begs for forgiveness from him for playing with his feelings and asks him to change for her sake, and to return home.



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