Aganthukaya / ආගන්තුකයා
[ Color ]
Film No : 1067
Released Date : 2007-06-01
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The story revolves around a principal who comes to an ordinary school following a transfer. With hard work and honest service Sampath, the principal ably played by Saumaya Liyanage soon improves the education and develops the school to be one the most popular and top schools in the area area. He puts up a new building for the school without giving the contract to supporters of politicians and also refuses to accept any commission. When the admission of the children to the Grade 1 begins, he sticks to the regulations and does not bend to political influences or money. Determined to live up to the principles he believes in Sampath is soon subject to the wrath of the politicians in the area and his henchmen who work as teachers in the very same school.

The police, politicians and all come together to attack this single man. The principal is politically and financially victimized. He is forced to leave the house he had rented and to mortgage the house he was building for his family to face lawsuits filed against him.

He is also beset with a malady of recurring remembrance of the murder of his father before his very eyes. At last Sampath realizes the bitter reality that he is not the only sufferer of his decision to live up to the principles he believed in but his family, his wife and daughter. Now he has to make a decision.

Each and every event that a principal faces and is forced to face is not alien to people in today’s society. The grim reality in our system of education, which is politicized and corrupt like everything else is aptly described and analyzed in the frames of Vasantha's film.



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