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Fans : 12 Rukmani Devi - රුක්මනී දේවි ( 1923 -

Known As : Rukmani Devi
Real Name : Rukmani Devi
Birthday : 1923-January-15
Died : --0000-00-00
First Released : Kadawunu Poronduwa 1947
Latest Released : Era Soysa

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Rukmani Devi (January 15, 1923–September 25, 1978) was a Sri Lankan singer and actress, who was often acclaimed as "The Nightingale of Sri Lanka"[1]. She made it to the silver screen via the stage and had acted in close to 100 films, at the time of her death. Having an equal passion for singing as well as a melodious voice, she was Sri Lanka's foremost female singer in the gramophone era. After her death, she was awarded the Sarasaviya 'Rana Thisara'- Life Time Achievement Award at the 1979 Sarasaviya Awards Festival.

Rukmani Devi, was born as Daisy Rasammah Daniels to a Colombo Chetty Christian family on January 15, 1923 at Ramboda in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Second, in a family of five, her father, John Daniel worked on a plantation and her mother, Helen Rose was a teacher.
She grew up in Colombo and had her early education at St. Matthew's School and then moved on to St. Clare's School, Wellawatte.
As a little girl, Daniels showed an inborn talent to sing and dance. At the age of seven she was picked to sing Christmas carols. Impressed with her ability to sing, dance, and also to act, she was selected to perform a main role in a Christmas play, 'The Shoemaker's Wife'.
The stage play was trained and presented by St. Clare's School, Wellawatte.
Watching her play this role much enthusiastically, Walter Abeysinghe, a drama producer sought permission from her father, to invite her to play the lead role of 'Sita' in his drama 'Ramayanaya.' Thus, in 1935 at the age of just 12 years she performed in this stage play, presented by the 'Sinhala Natya Sabha'.
She was married to veteran dramatist, actor and singer, Eddie Jayamanne, whom she fell in love with as a result of her close association with him, when performing in dramas produced by "Minerva Dramatic Club" founded by B.A.W. Jayamanne. They lived at "Jaya Ruk", at Angurukaramulla, Negombo.

This marked the beginning of an illustrious career that would span over four decades. As her performances were highly appreciated by the packed audience, well-known dramatist Dick Dias chose her for two of his stage plays, "Jana Kiharanaya" and "Mayawathie". She was now flooded with stage dramas, as she became Mayawathi in Charles Dias' 'Mayawathi', Juliet in a Sinhala adaption of Romeo and Juliet, playing the lead female role in all of them.
With her first audio recording of the famous song "Siri Buddhagaya Vihare" with Master H. W. Rupasinghe in 1938, she captured the hearts of the masses and she shaped her career from that of an actress to that of an actress turned singer.
Her unique voice attracted many music directors, as her singing career moved from the stage to the silver screen.
It was also, around this time that her name underwent a change from Daisy Daniels to the well known 'Rukmani Devi'. There are two schools of thinking as to how the name "Rukmani Devi" originated. According to one school, the late H. W. Rupasinghe maestro created the name, while the other believe that Jayantha Weerasekara and Michael Sannas Liyanage who is in his 90s, created it[2].
B. A. W. Jayamanne, founder of "Minerva Dramatic Club" of Negombo took Rukmani to perform remarkable roles in his interestingly featured dramas, such as 'Apparition', 'Broken Promise', 'Changing Fate, 'Defeated Aim', 'Evasive Denial', 'Fanatic Faith', 'Grisly Guardian', 'Hasty Decision' and lastly 'Irangani'. Above-mentioned plays followed the English alphabet.
The popular play 'Broken Promise', was adapted into a film by B. A. W. Jayamanne. This was the first Sinhala film - Kadawunu Poronduwa, screened on January 21, 1947. Rukmani Devi, who also began her film career through the role of 'Ranjani' in this film, also became the first local actress. Her film career, which thus began spread over a period of more than three decades.
According to Sri Lankeya Cinema Vanshaya (pp 637 - 638) written by Nuwan Nayanajith Kumara, from Kadawunu Poronduwa in 1947 to Ara Soyza in 1984, Rukmani Devi had played different roles in 99 films, up to the time of her death.
An equally talented singer, some of the immortal songs she sang for films are Sandyave Sriya for 'Kadawunu Poronduwa', Pinsara Mage Soyura for 'Kapati Arakshakaya', Gala Kandeni, and Moranawa Preme Hade for 'Weradun Kurumanama', Nindede Rathri Yahane for 'Peralena Iranama', Mavila Pena vi Rupe for 'Kela Handa', Pem Sihina Loke Maya for 'Mathabhedaya', Melavi Yanna Hada Mage for 'Daiva Yogaya', Suva dena Sita Sanasum for 'Ladalu' and Doi Doi Puta for 'Ahasin Polavata'.
In the mid sixties she joined the sinhala calypso musical group 'Los Cabelleros' led by late Neville Fernando. They recorderd ever popular sinhala songs such as 'Malbara Himidiriye','Menike Obe sinawe' & 'Sandak nage'.
Rukmani Devi was also featured prominently on the airwaves of Radio Ceylon, the oldest radio station in South Asia.

Rukmani Devi, the singing star, stage and screen idol died in a tragic motor accident near St. Mary's Church, Thudella on September 25, 1978. She was returning after a musical show in Uyanwatte, Matara. Her funeral ceremony was attended by a very large gathering; film makers and dramatists, friends, politicians, relatives and her beloved fans.
She was the most celebrated Sri Lankan artiste and a statue in memory of her was erected at the Kanuwana Junction, Ja-Ela, as she still lives in the hearts and minds of the Sri Lankan people. The road on which the Rukmani Devi Museum in Negombo is located was also re-named 'Rukmani Devi Mawatha' by President Ranasinghe Premadasa, on October 28, 1990.

Photo Gallery
Main Actress / Actress
No Year Name Character Director
1 ) 1948 Kapati ArakshakayaMallika K.Subramuniyam
2 ) 1950 Hadisi Winishchaya B.A.W. Jayamanna
3 ) 1954 Iranganie B.A.W. Jayamanna
4 ) 1955 Mathabhedaya B.A.W. Jayamanna
5 ) 1959 Daiwayogaya S.K. Oja
6 ) 1972 Veeduru Geval Daya Wimalaweera
7 ) 1947 Kadawunu PoronduwaRanjani Jothish Singh
8 ) 1948 Weradunu Kurumanama Jothish Singh
9 ) 1949 Peralena Iranama Jothish Singh
10 ) 1951 Sengawunu Pilitura Gration Jayamanna
11 ) 1953 Kele Handa B.A.W. Jayamanna
12 ) 1955 Perakadoru Bena A.B. Raja
13 ) 1956 Dosthara K. Shankar
14 ) 1960 Nalagana L.S. Ramachandran
15 ) 1962 Daskon Upali Wanasinghe
16 ) 1963 Mangalika B.A.W. Jayamanna
17 ) 1964 Samiya Birindage Deviyaya W.M.S. Thampo
18 ) 1965 Sathutu Kandulu W.M.S. Thampo
19 ) 1965 La dalu S. Ramanadhan
20 ) 1966 Sampatha S. Ramanadhan
21 ) 1967 Pipena Kumudu Ruby De Mel
22 ) 1968 Abuddassa Kale Kumar Wickremasooriya
23 ) 1972 Hathara Wate L.M. Perera
24 ) 1974 Dinum Kanuwa Ranjith Perera
25 ) 1981 Sathara Diganthaya Sathischandra Edirisinghe
26 ) 1972 Sahanaya J. Selvarathnam
27 ) 1975 Sadhana S. Ramanadhan
28 ) 1976 Unnath Daahai Malath Daahai Lenin Morais
29 ) 1976 Adarei Man Adarei Lenin Morais
30 ) 1979 Ran Kurullo Kingsly Rajapaksha
31 ) 1980 Silva Herbert Ranjith Peiris
32 ) 1979 Nuwan Renu Milton Jayawardhana
33 ) 1981 Bamba Ketu Hati Sunil Ariyarathna
34 ) 1976 Saradiyelge Putha Neil Rupasinghe
35 ) 1969 Paara Walalu Sudath Maskorala
36 ) 1975 Obai Mamai Joe Dev Ananda
37 ) 1976 Harima Badu Thunak Ananda Hewage
38 ) 1976 Nedeyo K.A.W. Perera
39 ) 1977 Sri Madara Sathischandra Edirisinghe
40 ) 1977 Hithuvoth Hithuvaamai Lenin Morais
41 ) 1983 Sandamali Milton Jayawardhana
42 ) 1964 Heta Pramada VadiRupa Shanthi Kumar Senevirathna
43 ) 1976 Hariyata Hari William Holmes
44 ) 1979 Podi Malli Sunil Ariyarathna
45 ) 1979 Amal Biso Neil Rupasinghe
46 ) 1978 Maduwanthi Milton Jayawardhana
47 ) 1974 Lasanda K.A.W. Perera
48 ) 1951 Sengawunu Pilitura Gration Jayamanna
49 ) 1952 Umathu Wishwasaya B.A.W. Jayamanna
50 ) 1960 Kavata Andare B.A.W. Jayamanna
51 ) 1967 Hathara Kendare L.M. Perera
52 ) 1967 Magul Poruwa B.A.W. Jayamanna
53 ) 1967 Rena Girawu Dharma Sri Kaldera
54 ) 1969 Romio-Juliet Kathawak G.D.L. Perera
55 ) 1970 Geetha Joe Dev Ananda
56 ) 1970 Nim Walalla Ranjith Lal
57 ) 1971 Seeye Nottuwa K.A.W. Perera
58 ) 1971 Samanala Kumariyo samaga Api Kawadath Soorayo Wimaladasa Perera
59 ) 1974 Sagarika Titus Totawatte
60 ) 1973 Suhada PathumaChamila/s Mother Kingsly Rajapaksha
61 ) 1973 Hondata Hondai J. Selvarathnam
62 ) 1974 Dinum Kanuwa Ranjith Perera
63 ) 1974 Jeewana Ganga Dayananda Rodrigo
64 ) 1975 Hitha Hoda Minihek M.V. Balan
65 ) 1975 Sukiri Kella Joe Dev Ananda
66 ) 1975 Kohoma Kiyannada Godwin Hanthi
67 ) 1975 Lassana Dawasak Nimal Silva
68 ) 1977 Tom Pachaya Roy De Silva
69 ) 1978 Kundala Keshi Wimalanath Dissanayaka
70 ) 1978 Apsara J. Selvarathnam
71 ) 1978 Ahasin Polovata Dr. Lester James Peries
72 ) 1979 Samanmalee Dayananda Jayawardhana
73 ) 1982 Thana Giravee Roy De Silva
74 ) 1975 Jeewana Geethaya I.P. Sena
75 ) 1976 Ran Thilaka W. Wilfred Silva
76 ) 1977 Sudu Paraviyoo Kingsly Rajapaksha
77 ) 1977 Chin Chin Nona J. Selvarathnam
78 ) 1977 Deviyani Oba Koheda Aruna Shanthi
79 ) 1976 Onna Maame Kella Panapi Lenin Morais
80 ) 1977 Saja Syril P. Abeyrathna
81 ) 1979 Jeewana Kadulu Daya Wimalaweera
82 ) 1979 Monarathenna Yasapalitha Nanayakkara
83 ) 1979 Anusha Dayananda Rodrigo
84 ) 1980 Tak Tik Tuk Yasapalitha Nanayakkara
85 ) 1976 Kauda Rajaa J. Selvarathnam
86 ) 1981 Senasuma
87 ) 1984 Era Soysa Herbert Ranjith Peiris
88 ) 1984 Era Soysa Herbert Ranjith Peiris
89 ) 1983 Hithath Hodai Wedath Hodai J. Rasaratnam
90 ) 1983 Hithath Hodai Wedath Hodai J. Rasaratnam
91 ) 1982 Sithara S.V. Chandran
92 ) 1982 Sithara S.V. Chandran
93 ) 1982 Sudu Ayya S.V. Chandran
94 ) 1982 Sakvithi Suvaya Gamini Fonseka
95 ) 1982 Sakvithi Suvaya Gamini Fonseka
96 ) 1981 Jeewanthi Hemasiri Sellapperuma
97 ) 1981 Hodama Naluwa Sherly P.Wijerathna
98 ) 1980 Sinhabahu Pathiraja L.S.Dayananda
99 ) 1976 Vasana K.A.W. Perera
100 ) 1976 Nayana Amarasena Kumarasinghe
101 ) 1972 Ihatha Athmaya K.A.W. Perera
No Year Name Character Director
1 ) 1955 Mathabhedaya B.A.W. Jayamanna
2 ) 1957 Siriyalatha S.S. Rajan
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Angus - Posts : 2 (Since :2009-08-19)
No one will ever take your place.No one will ever sing like you.What a beautifull voice with a beautifull face to match it.You were the best. You moved with Kings and Queens. But you never lost the common touch.And i never met a down to earth person like you ,
kapila Sirimanne - Posts : 11 (Since :2009-07-21)
Rukmani died on 28th of October, 1978...and last film she acted is Sakvithisuwaya...but the film which realesed last is Ara Soyza, released in 1984

Husband - Eddy Jayamanna


Rukmani Devi
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