Swara / ස්වර
[ Colour 35 mm ]
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Swara / ස්වර
(Living With Hope)

Not Yet Released
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35 mm
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Main Actor : Kanchana P. Kodithuwakku
Main Actress : Nita Fernando
Producer : Chandran Rutnam
Producer : Nita Fernando



Paul has been living with HIV + for 15 years… He was so much in denial. This tall handsome & sensitive man faced personal tragedy when his partner Josh died of HIV/AIDS. He says “I am still living “
He has educated himself about HIV/AIDS. He has been happy even
proud.. For the past 8 years has been an HIV/AIDS Outreach Worker/Educator & Test Counselor.
He is also the HIV/AIDS Planning Counselor & Human & Civil Rights Advocate. His Passion HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence just a change of life. He is spreading the word “Life is Beautiful”
“Living with HIV is Living with Hope”
Narmada a classically beautiful self possessed woman…
A graduate teacher by profession. She was diagnosed with HIV Positive.
A woman Of unquestionable integrity. She entered the law faculty as an adult part time student to fight for the rights of women affected with HIV/AIDS.
Narmada has endured more than her share of heartaches in rapid succession.. her husbands tragic death… after diagnosed with HIV..... Her son leaving home unable to cope with the Stigma of HIV/AIDS.
Her family home taken away from her. Narmada refused to give in to despair she took the hits and proudly moved on with her
life. Narmada lived a life to the fullest. She accepted her fate.. buried herself working for HIV/AIDS.
Extremely smart & ambitious.. carefree.. good looking man. He risked his promising career in the advertising industry to avoid the management discovering the terrible truth about his medical condition. He didn’t know what hit him when he was diagnosed with HIV Positive.. keeping his secret even from his wife. Rohan was struggling with his own dilemma.
How could he keep his commitment to his wife.. how much pain his wife went through before he realized it all ended much too soon….
Romesh is a cocky charmer with a keen sense of humor.. always exhibited A fascinating flair for the unexpected. A rebellious yet hopelessly searching for answers….. He thought life was over when he came to know that his parents were diagnosed with HIV….
He moved away from home and the stigma of HIV/AIDS…..
Then along came breath taking beautiful Vihara kind generous friend who made Romesh smile and live again…. their sweet and innocent Love…..
Vidath is a calm young man..he is very good looking he doesn’t profess To be perfect either but when the chips are down you can always count on Vidath to battle injustice with a message of tolerance as a dear friend or a faithful Lover….
He is a young man of pure passion.. he is a lawyer by profession… he comes from an aristocratic family… his parents didn’t approve of Nimanthi who struggled to free herself from the Stigma of HIV/AIDS time and maturity will bring this young couple close together.
Vihara born with HIV positive.. Her Father gave it to her Mother before Vihara was born…. She has been living with HIV… She is beautiful and a talented Dancer… She was never close to anyone after the death of her parents… The truth is that people really look at people living with HIV/AIDS differently. She knows that the society is aware of HIV/AIDS as there are awareness programs on TV and society is trying to help. She says especially the younger generation must protect themselves .She knows its hard for her to cope alone as she is an orphan living with her Grand Mother. She keeps healthy and she is smart.. She looks forward she knows that there is no cure eventually may be there will be a cure,,,, She is living with Hope.. Her innocent Triangle of Love for Romesh and Seth…. With her positive outlook enriched the lives of everyone and touched their heart with dancing. Is there a future for Vihara???        Her Love for Romesh & Seth has given her pain …
Mrs Ratnapala mother of Narmada disabled old Lady in her 80’s Over 25 years ago she had taken a round trip to heaven after a fatal accident. She has maintained a remarkable inner strength for her two daughters and her two grand children…
She had recovered a stroke and surgeries.
Atractive Nimanthi a Student & Choreographer at the Local Dance Studio. She was that nice sweet girl next door. Nimanthi was the most honorable Decent young woman. She believed in doing what was right and honesty was her best policy…. She was so nice that sometimes it was easy to take advantage of her kindness. As young person her contribution to the youth who could be affected with HIV/AIDS is valuable.
She is the Youth Ambassador for HIV/AIDS in Sri-Lanka
Beautiful Randika Ratnasinghe Choreographer at the Academy of Drama & Dancing Qualified overseas as a Choreographer. You would never know from her easygoing personality and generous soul that she was born to great wealth. Randika showed warmth towards Nimanthi when she Walks out with Vihara from the Academy to fight against the stigma of HIV/AIDS. She is a dedicated Choreographer .She falls in Love with Seth after her breath taking World AIDS day Ballet.
Will there be a future for Randika with Seth??
A school teacher by profession young and attractive close friend of Narmada. She is always scheming to get her friends husband at any cost. She is always the centre of attention with her sharp tongue. The fun loving Sandamali proven to be outrageous, Sandamali and Chathuranga engaged in a all out war until they finally wound up in a passionate embrace. She was Narmada’s enemy after Rohan’s death when she came to know that Rohan was HIV+. She made Narmada’s life a living hell in School.
After Seth’s College Degree in London.,
A modern day James Dean this smoldering Sri-Lankan never trusted the system so he did things his way till he ended up in rehab for his drug addiction in London. Seth was given an incredible opportunity to turn his life around. He came to his senses when he was diagnosed with HIV+. His outlook on life changed when he met Paul back in Sri-Lanka. Seth always had a flair for the unexpected. His Music helped him to cope with HIV and he became the Youth Ambassador for HIV/AIDS in Sri-Lanka. Seth was attracted to Vihara and Randika, but common sense told him that he could never share a future with any one of them, He works with Paul and the Beach Boys as a Educator of HIV/AIDS....

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