Poronduwa / පොරොන්දුව
[ Colour 35 mm ]
Film No : 938
Released Date : 2001-08-10
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Lovers, Vijendra and Pooja decide to get married against the wishes of Vijendra's mother. On the way to the celebration, they meet with an accident that leaves Vijendra with a serious concussion and Pooja paralized. Pooja, an orphan, is approached by Vijendra's mother to accept monetary and medical help from her in exchange for a promise, never to see or ever contact her son. Under duress, Pooja reluctantly agrees.

Vijendra who is told that Pooja had died in the accident, is taken to a London hospital. Pooja moves to Kandy for medical treatment and therapy, which is paid for by Vijendra's mother. While Vijendra recuperates and then graduates from Law School in London, Pooja has a friendly relationship with Ajit, her doctor in Kandy.

Vijendra finally returns to Sri Lanka and is compelled to take to politics, following in his father's footsteps. Dr. Ajit has now fallen in love with Pooja, but Pooja is unable to give her heart to him.


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