Peeter One / පීටර් වන්
[ Colour 35mm ]
Film No : 1165
Released Date : 2013-05-10
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Peeter One / පීටර් වන්
(Peeter One)
Film No : 1165
Released Date : 2013-05-10
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : 35mm
Category : Comedy

Main Actor : Bandu Samarasinghe

Main Actress : Veena Jayakodi

Main Actress : Nilanthi Dias

Director : Bandu Samarasinghe

Producer : Akmal Wickramanayake

Producer : Swarna Films


PETER is a middle aged man, who earns his liveliness by singing songs in the railway station. PETER had to leave his small house, owned by a criminal Broker named 'Chutte', since he has not paid house rental for last few months. Peter had to step to the road by giving his two drums out of everything which he only had. This is the starting of the MOVIE "PETER ONE". 

After this what will Peter do? In which way will his life change.? From these changes how will PETER will fight with Lowrenso De Silvestar, Elizabeth Briganza, Shereen, Jonty, Bryan, Monika and so many other characters.? at the end what will the result be.? PETER ONE is a film which is full of Happiness-Sadness-Pity-joyful-thrill- excitement and full of laughter.


"PETER ONE" is one of the best comedy movies, Now in Cinemas!

The First "DTS" (Digital Sounds) comedy movie in Sri lanka.
This is going to be the First Comedy movie which is going to release with RED Digital Cinema Camera.
The first film act of Mr. Bandu Samarasinghe's son (Kumara Kanchana Samarasinghe)
Fourth Direction of Mr.Bandu Samarasinghe.
Direction of Bandu Samarasinghe after 8 years.
As Bandu Says it's his one of the best performances he had done for the last 42 years in the Film Industry.
A new Producer introducing to the Film Industry (AKMAL WICKRAMANAYAKE).
Jayantha Rathnayake's first film music Direction.







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