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Drama / Colour / 35mm
Released Date :  2014-01-09
Main Actor : Somy Rathnayaka , Pubudu Chaturanga
Main Actress : Dulani Anuradha
Director : Jayanath Gunawardana
Producer : Mohamad Mujad , Jayanath Gunawardana , M.A.C.R. Dias
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Story starts with Calm full Manner. with simple things hapening in a folk village near Anuradhapura.Rathane aiya Played by Somi Rathnayaka portrays a saintly person,lives in the neighborhood of a mother and two sons abode. Eldest son Jayasena and the other Siripala. The day before the poya, Siripala kills his brother Jayasena. Rathne aiya is the prime suspect, and arrested.He is sentenced to gallows. While awaiting his turn at the gallows, he confesses his life's event, the rooster he was during his prime years. He was a wheeler dealer, thrived in terrorizing the village with his ill- got ten money and the power that comes with it. To evade punishment after he commits the most heinous crime,a double murder, he makes his new home in this village. Tries to live a good life, putting his past behind him. He becomes the good Samaritan in the new village, and is respected by all. When Siripala gets shot,just before breathing his last,he confesses that he shot and killed his brother Jayasena.

The story entwined around many characters a saga of their fate. It is believed that Retribution comes in the following births;but there is no rule of thumb when it would come, Retributioncomes in one's current birth too,more often than not. Before committing a sin,a crime, if one gives a second thought to one's intentions and actions, if the consequences are contemplated,

one does not have to fear Retribution.(Peace will prevail in this world, world will be free of arms). hatred,anger,desire will leave you disappointed in life, and you will live to repent for the rest of your life. In Buddha's Dhamma,there is no escape from retribution!

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Parawarthanaya Parawarthana Parawarthana Parawarthana Parawarthana 
Film Cast
Vidul SandanethVidul Sandaneth
as OIC/s son
Jayathissa AthulasiriJayathissa Athulasiri
as Mudalali
Kanthi KarunarathneKanthi Karunarathne
as Village Lady
Ashoka AriyarathneAshoka Ariyarathne
as Gamiya
Nishantha SinhalageNishantha Sinhalage
as Naana/s helper
Gunadasa NikathennaGunadasa Nikathenna
as Sagent Umagiliya
Suneth MalsiripuraSuneth Malsiripura
as Mahathun
Saman AlmedhaSaman Almedha
as Karathelis
Nilmini KottegodaNilmini Kottegoda
as Chandralatha
Ariyasena GamageAriyasena Gamage
Somy RathnayakaSomy Rathnayaka
as Rathne
Pubudu ChaturangaPubudu Chaturanga
as Siripala
Dulani AnuradhaDulani Anuradha
Geetha Kanthi JayakodyGeetha Kanthi Jayakody
Bimal JayakodiBimal Jayakodi
as Priyantha - The Police OIC
Nalin Pradeep UdawelaNalin Pradeep Udawela
as Jayasena
Maurine CharuniMaurine Charuni
Sarath KothalawalaSarath Kothalawala
as Kusum/s Father
Sanjaya LeelarathnaSanjaya Leelarathna
Amila NadeeshaniAmila Nadeeshani
as Priyantha/s wife -Shyaama
Saman WeerasiriSaman Weerasiri
as Naana
Aruna DhammikaAruna Dhammika
Sakunu MallawaarachchiSakunu Mallawaarachchi
as Kusum/s daughter
Nisansala AriyarathneNisansala Ariyarathne
as Kusum/s friend
Swarna RathnayakaSwarna Rathnayaka
as Somaey
Damitha SaluwadanaDamitha Saluwadana
as Chandare/s Monther
Janaka RanasingheJanaka Ranasinghe
as Thotiya
Ranjith SilvaRanjith Silva
as Ackmon
Eranga JeevanthaEranga Jeevantha
as Amare
Kapila Kumara KalingaKapila Kumara Kalinga
as Wilbert
Lakshan MunasingheLakshan Munasinghe
as Police Constable
Film Crew
Ashoka Ariyarathne
Ashoka Ariyarathne
Production Manager

Manjula Ayagama
Art Director

Indika Udaralanka
Make-up Artists

Jayanath Gunawardana

Jayanath Gunawardana

Dinesh Subasinghe
Music Director

Jayanath Gunawardana
Mohamad Mujad
Mohamad Mujad

Jayanath Gunawardana
M.A.C.R. Dias
M.A.C.R. Dias

Jayanath Gunawardana
Ruwan Chamara
Ruwan Chamara

Donald Jayantha
Assistant Director
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