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Romance / Colour / 35mm
Released Date :  Not Released
Main Actor : Channa Perera
Main Actress : shalani tharaka
Director : Mohan Niyaz
Producer : Sama R Kelaniya
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Production of this movie is complete and it has been passed by the Public Performance Board (Censor Board)...
Mrs. Sama R Kelaniya is the producer of this Sinhala feature film “Mayawee”. It is ready to be released to the public. 
The film could be termed as a Psycho-thriller and its cast comprises of well-known stars such as Channa Perera, Shalani Tharaka, Shehara Franciscus, Ajit Weerasinghe etc. 
Cordially introducing Shashi Hewage, a famous model lives in Sweden... 
Mayawee has directed by Mr.Mohan Niyaz...

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Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee Mayawee 
Film Cast
Rohitha DiasRohitha Dias
Chandrika PereraChandrika Perera
Sama R KelaniyaSama R Kelaniya
Channa PereraChanna Perera
shalani tharakashalani tharaka
Shehara FranciscusShehara Franciscus
Ajith WeerasingheAjith Weerasinghe
Shashi HewageShashi Hewage
Film Crew
Gayani Satharasingha
Gayani Satharasingha
Make-up Artists
Randika Nadeeshan Wijemanna
Randika Nadeeshan Wijemanna
Farhan Shan
Farhan Shan
Music Director
P. K. Lenard
P. K. Lenard

Mohan Niyaz

Mohan Niyaz

Sama R Kelaniya
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