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Chandiya - චන්ඩියා Fans : 2 Film No :110
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Drama / Black & White / 35mm
Released Date :  1965-03-18
Main Actor : Gamini Fonseka
Main Actress : Anula Karunathilaka
Director : Titus Totawatte
Producer : K. Gunaratnam
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Troubled youth encounters the pressures of city life and villainous characters.


Chandiya is a 1965 Sri Lankan action movie directed by Titus Thotawatte. In the country, it was the first of its genre to not borrow from Indian cinema.

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Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya Chandiya 
Film Cast
Edmond SamaranayakaEdmond Samaranayaka
Carl GunasenaCarl Gunasena
Christy Leonard PereraChristy Leonard Perera
Anula KarunathilakaAnula Karunathilaka
H.D. KulathungeH.D. Kulathunge
Gamini FonsekaGamini Fonseka
D.R. NanayakkaraD.R. Nanayakkara
Soniya DisanayakaSoniya Disanayaka
Joe AbeywickramaJoe Abeywickrama
Anthony C. PereraAnthony C. Perera

Domy JayawardenaDomy Jayawardena
Kal GunasenaKal Gunasena
K.A.S.Perera    K.A.S.Perera
Christy Leonard PereraChristy Leonard Perera
Osi Koraya  Osi Koraya
Thilakasiri FernandoThilakasiri Fernando
Robin FernandoRobin Fernando
N.R. DiasN.R. Dias
B.S. PereraB.S. Perera
Allan PereraAllan Perera
Baby MadumathiBaby Madumathi
Hilarin StuwatarHilarin Stuwatar
Padma Siriwaradana Padma Siriwaradana
Lantas FernandoLantas Fernando
Siriwardana WeluSiriwardana Welu
Daglas WickramasigheDaglas Wickramasighe
Darmadasa Kuruppu Darmadasa Kuruppu
Francis FernandoFrancis Fernando
Mohideen BaigMohideen Baig
Film Crew
A V m Vasagam
A V m Vasagam

Karunaratne Abeysekara

R. Muththusami
Music Director

Titus Totawatte
K. Gunaratnam
K. Gunaratnam

R. Muththusami
Music Director
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