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Chanchala Rekha
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Chanchala Rekha
Drama / Black & White / 35 mm
Released Date :  1981-12-18
Main Actor : Gamini Fonseka
Main Actress : Nadeeka Gunasekara
Director : Sena Samarasinghe
Producer : Sena Samarasinghe , Piyasena De Silva
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A school going sister – Chuti, A hard-working brother, A lovable mother.  They live happily in a beautiful village.  The village headman’s son “Podimahatthya” does everything possible to win Chuti’s love without success.  Angered by his rejection “Podimahatthaya” sets fire to Chuti’s house – the mother is burnt to death: the brother is blinded.  As a resuly Chuti has to make a living for herself and her brothger.  On the day of the Sinhala New Year Festival Chuti takes her brother to the Dalada Maligawa.  During this pilgrimage, she meets a medical student Bandu “whose father is an eye surgeon.  The eye surgeon cures Chuti’s brother of his blindness.  After this success when Chuti returns to the village together with brother in Bandu’s vehicle to her surprise they see that podimahathaya has taken possession of her land.  And again after a very hard struggle Chuti gets back the land and Bandu leaves promising to come back after passing out as a doctor




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Chanchala Rekha Chanchala Rekha Chanchala Rekha 
Film Cast
Swarna MallawarachchiSwarna Mallawarachchi
Bandu SamarasingheBandu Samarasinghe
as Bandu
Nadeeka GunasekaraNadeeka Gunasekara
as Dan Chuti
Gamini FonsekaGamini Fonseka
Richard WeerakkodiRichard Weerakkodi
Fareena LyeFareena Lye
Wimal Kumara De CostaWimal Kumara De Costa
as Podi Mahaththaya
Senaka PereraSenaka Perera
Rex KodippiliRex Kodippili
Thalatha GunasekaraThalatha Gunasekara
Sisira KumarathungaSisira Kumarathunga
Nanda JayamannaNanda Jayamanna
Nimal SitugeNimal Situge
Shanthi LekhaShanthi Lekha
G. GunawardanaG. Gunawardana
Film Crew

Sena Samarasinghe

Sena Samarasinghe
Piyasena De Silva
Piyasena De Silva

Danny W. Pathirana
Sarath Dasanayake
Sarath Dasanayake
Music Director
Film Songs
Keena Dan Mitak Vishaka Siriwardana [ Vocalists ]
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