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Anjalika - අංජලිකා Fans : 2 Film No :1052
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Romance / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2006-06-28
Main Actor : Channa Perera
Main Actress : Pooja Umashanker
Director : Channa Perera
Producer : Malith Palliyaguruge
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Thivanka Imbulgoda is the only son of Clifford and Induthara. After his mother's sudden demise he goes abroad and his father moves to the city with his sole companion - loneliness. Year’s later, Thivanka returns to his motherland as a dashingly handsome, well-mannered young man.

Though he is much sought after by his childhood love Kavya, his heart longs for Anjalika - the attractive daughter of a caretaker at one of Thivanka's estates. Kavya allows their love to blossom. Though Clifford has no objections for the affair, Anjalika's father does.

Thivanka and Anjalika's affair meets a fatal end when Anjalika mysteriously disappears. Unable to bear this sorrow, Thivanka suffers a breakdown. Clifford too suffers a similar fate.

Thivanka meanwhile, meets Uththara who resembles Anjalika in manner and looks. Thivanka's life is caught between two lovers thus headed in an unexpected direction.



This film offers a rare glimpse of life in high society. The camera captures in detail all the glitter and glamour of such a societal setting.

The cast: Channa Perera, Pooja Uma Shankar, Anarkali Akarsha, Sanath Gunathilaka, Rex Kodippili, Narada Bakmewewa, Rosy Senanayake, Robin Fernando, Maureen Charuni, Lakshman Mendis, G.R. Perera, Somasiri Alakolanga, Oshadie Hewamadduma, and Chandrika Siriwardhana.

Child artistes are Himasal Thathsara Liyanage and Panchali Kaushalya.

Dubbing artiste for Pooja is by Nadeesha Hemamali.

Photo Gallery
Anjalika Anjalika 
Film Cast
Channa PereraChanna Perera
as Thivanka
Pooja UmashankerPooja Umashanker
as Anjalika
Anarkalli Aakarsha Jayatilaka Anarkalli Aakarsha Jayatilaka
as Kavya
Sanath GunathilakaSanath Gunathilaka
as Cliferd
Rex KodippiliRex Kodippili
as Eardly
Narada BakmeewewaNarada Bakmeewewa
as Gagana
Rosi SenanayakaRosi Senanayaka
as Thivanka/s Mother
Robin FernandoRobin Fernando
as Inspector
Maurine CharuniMaurine Charuni
as Anjalika/s Mother
Lakshman MendisLakshman Mendis
as Piyadasa - Anjalika/s Father
Somasiri AlakolangeSomasiri Alakolange
Oshadie HewamaddumaOshadie Hewamadduma
as Teena
Chandrika SiriwardanaChandrika Siriwardana
Film Crew

Jayanath Gunawardana

Channa Perera
Malith Palliyaguruge
Malith Palliyaguruge
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