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Anantha Rathriya
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Anantha Rathriya - අනන්ත රාත්‍රිය Fans : 1 Film No :933
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Anantha Rathriya
Family / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2001-05-11
Main Actor : Ravindra Randeniya
Main Actress : Swarna Mallawarachchi
Director : Prasanna Vithanage
Producer : Damayanthi Fonseka
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Suwisal is a successful, middle-aged company director, but he has a melancholic personality and is very forgetful. His beautiful young fiancée finds she has to remind him of daily appointments, special occasions and routine matters.

Suwisal is a reluctant husband - to - be. He has casual relationships with other women and appears to be troubled by something deep in his psyche- something he tries to forget in order to maintain emotional stability.

This stability is suddenly upset when he is called to serve on a jury at a murder trial. The defendant is a young sex worker accused of murdering a client. Suwisal recognizes her as Piyum, the young servant from his aunt's house, whom he knew twenty-five years ago. He had a sexual relationship with her and she became pregnant. He had refused to see her again or help her through her difficulties.

Suwisal is not sure if Piyum recognizes him. She says nothing. He is advised to remain in the jury and he votes with the majority to find her guilty as charged. She is sentenced to ten years imprisonment. But we see that it is Suwisal who has been sentenced to a lifetime of guilt, remorse and despair. He now feels he should share some responsibility for the life Piyum was forced to lead. He tries to lodge and appeal on her behalf but he is advised that his past may become public knowledge. Suwisal gets upset angry at this - nobody seems to understand his need to rectify the wrongdoing he committed  twenty-five years ago.

Suwisal persists, he visits Piyum in prison and offers her help. Did Piyum recognize him at the trial? Does she accept his help? Is Suwisal released from his lifetime of torment? We are given the answer to this and more in the film.

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Anantha Rathriya Anantha Rathriya 
Film Cast
Burnard shawBurnard shaw
Thissa UdangamuwaThissa Udangamuwa
Manori FonsekaManori Fonseka
Hirantha MahathanthilaHirantha Mahathanthila
Chandrika RathnamaliChandrika Rathnamali
Lucky WickramanayakaLucky Wickramanayaka
Buddhadasa WithanachchiBuddhadasa Withanachchi
Thalatha GunasekaraThalatha Gunasekara
Raadha De MelRaadha De Mel
Priya RanasinghePriya Ranasinghe
Radha De MalRadha De Mal
Yashoda WimaladharmaYashoda Wimaladharma
Swarna MallawarachchiSwarna Mallawarachchi
Ravindra RandeniyaRavindra Randeniya
Tony RanasingheTony Ranasinghe
Hemasiri LiyanageHemasiri Liyanage
Veena JayakodiVeena Jayakodi
Asoka PeirisAsoka Peiris
Veena JayakodiVeena Jayakodi
Priya RanasinghePriya Ranasinghe
Kithsiri AponsuKithsiri Aponsu
Premakumara DasanayakaPremakumara Dasanayaka
Film Crew

Keerthi Rathnayake
Assistant Director

Lionel Gunarathna
Sound Management

Ebert Wijesinghe
Make-up Artists

Athula Sulthanagoda
Art Director
Harsha Makalanda
Harsha Makalanda
Music Director

Prasanna Vithanage

Prasanna Vithanage

Damayanthi Fonseka

M.D. Mahindapala

Lal Piyasena
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