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Nikini Wessa
Reviewed by on 2020-02-26 .
Rating: 3
Nikini Wessa - නිකිණි වැස්ස Fans : 1 Film No :1167
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Nikini Wessa
Drama / Colour / 35mm
Released Date :  2013-06-07
Main Actor : Thumindu Dodanthenna
Main Actress : Chandani Senevirathna
Director : Aruna Jayawardana
Producer : Dr. Kusumsiri De Silva
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People in the Dry zone of Sri Lanka do not look forward to the month of august with a great deal of optimism. affected by drought everyone prays for a drop of water on the dry zone. it is a month filled with hope... sometime in august one can witness gray skies and hear the rumble of thunder. one can almost feel the patter of rain, but the raindrops are just swept away by the stiff breeze. monthof August is called as most of "Nikini" the August rain name "NIkini Vassa" is indeed a deceitful drizzle that never kisses the earth. 
the film revolves around men and women who live in the dry zone in sri lanka. the main character is a business woman called somalatha (Chandanee Senevirathne) she is one of those selected few, who owns a business that is deemed unsuitable for a woman by the Public. The story goes on......
Nikini Vassa is a film that touches Life, Death and Expectations.One Person's death fans the flame of expectations in another. the life that begins with that expectation ultimately ends in death. Loneliness, loss of social contacts and deceit are the underlying human conditions visible through this Film.
Best Film - Vesoul International film festival France
Winner NETPAC Jury - Vesoul International film festival France
Best Actress Jury Award - Dubai International Film Festival
Represented of Singapore International Film Festival – 2012,
Represented of Busan International Film Festival – 2012,
Represented of Mumbai International Film Festival – 2012,
Represented of Kerala International Film Festival – 2012,
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Nikini Wessa Nikini Wessa Nikini Wessa Nikini Wessa Nikini Wessa 
Film Cast
Chandani SenevirathnaChandani Senevirathna
Thumindu DodanthennaThumindu Dodanthenna
Jagath ManuwarnaJagath Manuwarna
Bimal JayakodiBimal Jayakodi
Kumara ThirimaduraKumara Thirimadura
Sarath KothalawalaSarath Kothalawala
W. JayasiriW. Jayasiri
Sulochana GamageSulochana Gamage
Lakshman MendisLakshman Mendis
Vajira KodituwakkuVajira Kodituwakku
Film Crew

Aruna Jayawardana
Dr. Kusumsiri De Silva
Dr. Kusumsiri De Silva

Channa Deshapriya

Nadeeka Guruge
Music Director
Jeevantha Deshapriya
Jeevantha Deshapriya
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Nikini Wessa 
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