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Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe
Reviewed by on 2017-08-22 .
Rating: 3.1
Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe - සුවඳ දැනුනා ජීවිතේ Fans : 31 Film No :1116
Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe
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Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe
Family / Colour / 35 mm
Released Date :  2010-06-11
Main Actor : Roshan Ranawana
Main Actress : Pooja Umashanker
Director : Dhammika Siriwardana
Producer :
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Dhammika Siriwardana is no stranger to the world of show business. The well known film and tele- drama producer, tele drama director and script writer has many a successful creation to his name.

Now he had reached a new milestone in his career when he turns film director with Suwanda Danuna Jeewithe. The film stars Aasai Mang Piyabanna duo Pooja Umashanker and Roshan Ranawana in the lead roles.

Dhammika will produce, direct and script the film based on a love story which had evolved in his mind. Sanath Gunathilaka, Maureen Charuni, Ramani Siriwardana, Rex Kodippily, Gayathri Dias, Richard Manamudali, Pubudu Chathuranga, Himali Siriwardana, Shiran Sylva, Raja Ganeshan, Sandali Welikanna, Shanudri Priyasad and others will be included in the cast.

Renowned cinematographer Jayanath Gunawardana is the cameraman, Lal Harendranath the art director, Indika Udara Lanka the make up artist and Shan Perera is the dance choreographer.

Donald Jayantha is the assistant director while Basuru Siriwardana is the executive producer. Sanjaya Gunawardana is the production coordinator. Shihan Mihiranga and Uresha Ravihari will contribute as play back singers.



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Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe 
Film Cast
Shanudri Priyasad
Shanudri Priyasad
Sandali Welikanna
Sandali Welikanna
Raja Ganeshan
Raja Ganeshan
Shiran Silva
Shiran Silva
Himali Siriwardhana
Himali Siriwardhana
Pubudu Chaturanga
Pubudu Chaturanga
as prasad
Richard Manamudali
Richard Manamudali
Gayathri Dias
Gayathri Dias
Rex Kodippili
Rex Kodippili
Ramani Siriwardhana
Ramani Siriwardhana
Maurine Charuni
Maurine Charuni
Sanath Gunathilaka
Sanath Gunathilaka
Pooja Umashanker
Pooja Umashanker
as Rashmi
Roshan Ranawana
Roshan Ranawana
as Ayeshmantha
Film Crew

Sanjaya Gunawardana
Production Manager

Donald Jayantha
Assistant Director

Indika Udaralanka
Make-up Artists

Lal Harendranath
Art Director

Jayanath Gunawardana

Dhammika Siriwardana
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Malan - Posts : 48 (Since :2009-06-30)
Meka lassana honda movie ekak. Bollywood tharamatama. Api adambara wenna oni. Sahayogaya dek vu siyaluma denata isthuthi karanna oni. Thawa thawath me wage films hadenna kiyala prarthana karanawa.
gihan - Posts : 2 (Since :2010-09-22)
amila prasad - Posts : 1 (Since :2010-09-13)
A Good Production
jeniffer - Posts : 2 (Since :2010-08-01)
superb! with 2008 and 2010 the best ever film i watched fabulous acting i liked it very well great performance and pooja akki and roshan ayya were the best i love this film very much my parents too liked it this was the 2nd time i watched it excellent
Maleesha - Posts : 1 (Since :2010-07-29)
well......80% out of the story copied from a populer bollywood movie "JAB WE MET" and the last song was a carbon copy of the famous Bollywood song Deewangi which was in Om Shanti Om. totally dissappointed about the story. Wonder why Sri Lankan Commercial Film directors cant do something with Sri lankan origin? but appreciating Roshan's acting. Seems he's improving day by day and happy on that. well pooja was ok, but NADEESHA HEMAMALI has done a great job with her voice without appearing. wonder why Dammika Siriwardana not taking her to rashmi's roll instead of pooja. Not happy about our famous senior actors and actresses's acting.They were bit artifiacial. Anyway Songs are the one and only best part of the film. Appreciating our singers talent. and also the locations. anyway all the best Dammika on your next film.
sameera - Posts : 1 (Since :2010-07-25)
I watched the film and that is really glamourus film i have ever watched. Pooja and Rosahn is really good and matching couple. Nirosha, Amila, Uresha and Shihan are excellent. All the best Mr.Dhammika Siriwardhane.
M H N wimalaratne - Posts : 1 (Since :2010-07-18)
thats superb, Excellent production.
Manoj Wijerathne - Posts : 1 (Since :2009-07-09)
I watched this movie and it's repeating the Hindi movie"Jab We Met". Producer has spent much money for making this, But how much the better if the team could make a new movie with a new story to Sri Lankan cinema industry. We have already watched the Hindi movie. So we knew whats going on, But some events had changed from the original Hindi movie. Hope they will make a new thing next time. But music and directing are superb.
Ruwan - Posts : 2 (Since :2010-07-06)
Really a good Production. Nice film & I love That Benz car too...
Nazca - Posts : 3 (Since :2010-06-22)
Actually this is a nice movie. In my point of view this is a turning point in the film industry after the movie Anjalika. Mainly because of the background music. So many young artists are singing for this film. It is really a good approach.Some say this is totally worthless. But I think in a film we dont want to touch the 100% reality. If it is there, we dont want films. So in films we can use imaginations and enchanting things. So this film is not bad. In background music side this is really good.
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