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    Dadayama - දඩයම Fans : 1 Film No :546
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    Released Date :  1983-01-01
    Main Actor : Ravindra Randeniya
    Main Actress : Swarna Mallawarachchi
    Director : Wasantha Obeysekara
    Producer : Sunil Chandrasiri , P.A. Somadasa , P.A. Rabin Chandrasiri
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    The central character of this story is a young village girl, attending a leading school and already come under the influence of consumerism.  Into her life comes a man who embodies and symbolizes all that is consumerism the acquisitiveness, ruthlessness and the compulsive ambition to rise in the social ladder at any cost.  Their association inevitably brings a disaster to the girl and her family.

    The girl, whose future career is affected, makes a desperate attempt to get her seducer to marry her.  But he has his own ambition and schemes.  Once she realizes the futility of her wish, she decides to fight back with a vengeance.  There is only one option left to her to plan her own physical destruction at the hand of the man who ruined her and thereby pave the way for his final destruction too.  Unwillingly and unknowingly he plays into her hands.



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    Dadayama Dadayama Dadayama 
    Film Cast
    Carliel DiasCarliel Dias
    Anushi WijegunawardanaAnushi Wijegunawardana
    Avanthi AponsoAvanthi Aponso
    Ramani FonsekaRamani Fonseka
    Granville RodrigoGranville Rodrigo
    Rathmali GunasekaraRathmali Gunasekara
    Indira PereraIndira Perera
    Shirani KaushalyaShirani Kaushalya
    Daya AlwisDaya Alwis
    Rathnawali KekunawalaRathnawali Kekunawala
    Iranganie SerasingheIranganie Serasinghe
    Somy RathnayakaSomy Rathnayaka
    Swarna MallawarachchiSwarna Mallawarachchi
    Ravindra RandeniyaRavindra Randeniya
    Somy RathnayakaSomy Rathnayaka
    Film Crew

    Donald Karunarathna
    K.L. De Silva
    K.L. De Silva
    Sunil Chandrasiri
    Sunil Chandrasiri
    P.A. Somadasa
    P.A. Somadasa

    Premasiri Kemadasa
    Music Director

    Wasantha Obeysekara
    P.A. Rabin Chandrasiri
    P.A. Rabin Chandrasiri
    Stanley De Alwis
    Stanley De Alwis
    K.P.K. Balasinghem
    K.P.K. Balasinghem
    Sound Management
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