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Kadawunu Poronduwa
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Kadawunu Poronduwa
Drama / Black&White / 35mm
Released Date :  1947-01-21
Main Actor : B.A.W. Jayamanna
Main Actress : Rukmani Devi
Director : Jothish Singh
Producer : S.M.Nayagam
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Ralahamy, a member of high status, dies leaving his family in debt after having squandered his fortune through extensive drinking and other vices. To get back into wealth, Ralahamy's wife Tackla pushes her daughter Ranjani to get married to a wealthy older man Victor with a child through an earlier marriage. In this process, Samson, Ranjani's boyfriend, who had tried extensively to get the family back into good graces going so far as to pay off their debts, is spurned. He then goes abroad to win a fortune.

When Samson returns he learns of Ranjani's engagement to Victor and tries to reach her through letter. His letters are hidden from her however, and rumours spread that Samson is now a cripple. Ultimately the truth is revealed.


Kadawunu Poronduwa (Sinhala, "The Broken Promise") was the first film to be made in the Sinhala language; it is generally considered to have heralded the coming of Sinhala Cinema. The film was produced and filmed in India however, and was highly influenced by South Indian melodrama. It was first shown on January 21, 1947 at the Kingsley Cinema in Colombo.

A remake was released in 1982.

Photo Gallery
Kadawunu Poronduwa Kadawunu Poronduwa 
Film Cast
S.D. ElisabethS.D. Elisabeth
Joe JayakodiJoe Jayakodi
as Mudalali
Bertram FernandoBertram Fernando
as Mohamad
S. S. PonnisenaS. S. Ponnisena
Wida SoyzaWida Soyza
Sina PishpaniSina Pishpani
Suriyarani PereraSuriyarani Perera

J. B. PereraJ. B. Perera
as Doctor
Asilyn BalasooriyaAsilyn Balasooriya
as Sumana
D. T. PereraD. T. Perera
Stanley MallawarachchiStanley Mallawarachchi
as Hemapala
Peter PeriesPeter Peries
as Victor
Eddy JayamannaEddy Jayamanna
as Manappu
Miriam JayamanneMiriam Jayamanne
as Hilda
Rupa DeviRupa Devi
as Tekla
Jemini KanthaJemini Kantha
as Josi
Rukmani DeviRukmani Devi
as Ranjani
B.A.W. JayamannaB.A.W. Jayamanna
as Samson
as Tailor
Josap PereraJosap Perera
Film Crew

Pakeer Saleh
Pakeer Saleh
K. Prabhakar
K. Prabhakar
Narayana Aiyar
Narayana Aiyar
Music Director
Jothish Singh
Jothish Singh
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Kadawunu Poronduwa 
Film Premiere
Kadawunu Poronduwa 
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