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Known As : Jackson Anthony
Real Name : Konganige Joseph Malsi Jackson Anthony
First Released : Gurugedara 1993
Latest Released : Kusa Paba

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    Son - Sajitha Anuththara


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    ලලිතා සරච්චන්ද්‍ර මහත්මිය සමග ජැක්සන් ගිවිසුම් අත්සන් කළ මොහොත. නිෂ්පාදක සදේශ් කුමාර් ද පසෙකින් වෙයි.
    එය ජාතක කතා සංග්‍රහයේ චුල්ල ධනුද්ධර ජාතකය ඇසුරෙන් නිර්මාණය වූවක් වන අතර මහාචාර්ය සරච්චන්ද්‍ර මනමෙ නාට්‍ය තැනුවේද මේ ආශ්‍රයෙනි.
    චුල්ල ධනුද්ධර ජාතක කතාවෙහි මනමේ කෝලමේ එන මනමේ කුමරිය ඉතාම නුගුණ ගති ඇත්තියක් වන අතර සරච්චන්ද්‍රයන්ගේ මනමේ නාටකයෙන් ඇයගේ ගතිගුණ වෙනස් කළේය. ජැක්සන් සෞන්දර්යාත්මකව සිනමා කෘතියක් ලෙස පරිවර්ථනය කරනුයේ මහාචාර්ය සරච්චන්ද්‍රයන් සුබවාදී ස්ත්‍රී දර්ශනය හරහා දුටු චුල්ල ධනුද්ධර පුවතයි.
    මුහුරත් උළෙලේ ප්‍රධාන ආරාධිත අමුත්තිය වූ ලලිතා සරච්චන්ද්‍ර මැතිනිය කියා සිටියේ මහාචාර්ය සරච්චන්ද්‍රයන්ගේ දරුවකුට භාර දෙන්නා වූ සේම මේ කටයුත්තට ගෞරවාන්විත බලාපොරොත්තුවෙන් යුතුව ජැක්සන්ට ආශිර්වාද කරන බවයි.
    මනමේ සිනමා කෘතිය රියල් ඉමේජ් ප්‍රයිවට් ලිමිටඩ් වෙනුවෙන් ආර්. සදේශ් කුමාර් සහ ශ්‍රීමතී සදේශ් කුමාර් නිෂ්පාදනය කරයි. ඔවුන්ගේ පළමු නිෂ්පාදනය වූ සුපර් සික්ස් කුස පබාගෙන් පසුව තිරගත වනු ඇත.
    හෙලංකා ආයතනනයේ පැවැත් වූ මෙම චාම් උත්සවය උඩුවේ ධම්මාලෝක හිමිපාණන් ඇතුළු හිමිවරුන්ගේ පිරිත් සජ්ජායනය මැද ඇරැඹි අතර, චිත්‍රපට අධ්‍යක්ෂ ආචාර්ය සෝමරත්න දිසානායක, නිෂ්පාදිකා රේණුකා බාලසූරිය, සහය අධ්‍යක්ෂ ඩොනල්ඩ් ජයන්ත, නිෂ්පාදන කළමනාකරු අශෝක ආරියරත්න, ස්වර්ණ සංඛ පදනමේ සභාපති සුනිල් ෆොන්සේකා, ජයන්ත ජයලත් ඇතුළු කිහිප දෙනෙකු සහභාගි වූහ.මනමේ සිනමා කෘතියෙහි නළු නිළියන් මේ වන විට තෝරමින් සිටින අතර මේ වසරේ අග වන විට එහි රූගත කිරීම් නිම කරනු ඇත.
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    Jackson Anthony is one of the most celebrated actors in Sri Lankan cinema (refer to Cinema of Sri Lanka). Though he has won greater reputation from his bright career as an actor (in Television, Stage and Cinema) his competence in other fields related to media and arts is impressive. He has appeared before the public in versatile forms; as an actor, director, producer, singer, screenwriter, novelist, lyricist, etc.

    Early life
    His full name is Konganige Joseph Malsi Jackson Anthony. Although he's "Jackson" to the entire world, his parents used to call him "Malsi". He received his primary education at Hapugoda Junior School and St. Mary's College in Bandarawela and later entered Galahitiyawa Central College in Ganemulla. For higher education he attended the University of Colombo where he first obtained an honors degree in Sinhala Language and Literature and did his Master’s degree in Mass Media at Sri Jayawardanapura University. Afterwards he started to win recognition throughout Sri Lanka with his versatile performances in a variety of fields. It was his entry into the field of acting which marked the dawn of his life’s golden era.

    Personal life
    Jackson Anthony is married to Kumari Munasinghe, an acclaimed singer. They have two sons and a daughter and the family is settled in Kadawatha, a Colombo suburb. His youngest son, Sajitha Anuththara has already become a famous figure in media after playing the role of the hunter’s son in “Sooriya Arana”. He is also playing the title role in his father’s upcoming big-budget film ‘Aba’.

    He often remembers his father, Late Mr. Konganige Benedict Anthony as the mammoth pillar of his success. Jackson's mother lives in his hometown Podiweekumbura, Ragama. He hails from a family of 5 brothers. Elder Brother is Senaka Titus Anthony who is a journalist for several medias.

    Career as an Actor
    Although a talented artist while at school, the stage which was a haven for his youthful capacity brought Jackson Anthony to the threshold of maturity as an artist. Soon after he began his career as a stage actor he was able to captivate the hearts of the public through his striking skill. His performances in stage plays such as Marsad, Madura Jawanika, Loma Hansa, Dhawala Beeshana, Ath, Mora and Tharawo Igilethi brought him islandwide recognition. In this background he was highly recognized in the field of cinema. As a result he invaded the big screen in 1993. Having acted in Guru Gedara, Chitti, Ayoma and Loku Duwa, in his initial days, Jackson went on to prove his mega status in films like Bawa Duka, Bawa Karma, Gini Awi Saha Gini Keli, Aswesuma, Agni Dahaya, Sooriya Arana, Mille Soya and Randiya Dahara. In the mean time he came to terms with television as well. These fields helped him establish his own identity as an actor. Critics have acclaimed him for the versatility he displays through various contrasting performances. His performances have attracted the critics immensely due to expressionistic and realistic elements exhibited in them. He is also admired for his memorable performances in the roles of arrogant, assertive and impertinent characters. His collaboration with Jayantha Chandrasiri, a pioneering avant-garde director in modern Sri Lankan cinema and television, witnessed new facets of Jackson’s talent. In 2004, under the direction of the famous Sri Lankan director and writer, Somaratne Dissanayanke, he took up a leading role in the blockbuster film, Sooriya Arana in which he brought to life the role of an egocentric hunter who is compelled to vainly battle with the subtlety of Buddhist tradition both socially and spiritually. This bagged him awards at many of the local Award ceremonies. Apart from that, during his acting career he has garnered more than 20 Best Actor Awards at local award ceremonies such as Sarasavi Awards,Presidential Awards and OCIC Awards.

    Photo Gallery
    Main Actor / Actor
    No Year Name Character Director
    1 ) 2001 Aswesuma Benet Rathnayaka
    2 ) 2002 Agnidahaya Jayantha Chandrasiri
    3 ) 2006 Kurulu Pihatu Sumith Kumara
    4 ) 1997 Bawa Duka Dharmasiri Bandaranayake
    5 ) 1997 Wisidela H.D. Premarathna
    6 ) 2012 Kusa PabaKusa Rajjuruwo Sunil Ariyarathna
    7 ) 1998 Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli Udayakantha Warnasuriya
    8 ) 1995 Ayoma Parakrama Niriella
    9 ) 2004 Sooriya Arana Somarathna Disanayaka
    10 ) 2004 Mille Soya Boodee Keerthisena
    11 ) 2004 Randiya Dahara Udayakantha Warnasuriya
    12 ) 1993 Gurugedara Vijaya Darma Sri
    13 ) 2005 Garilla Marketing Jayantha Chandrasiri
    14 ) 1995 Chitti Sarath Gunarathna
    15 ) 1997 TharanayaThangappan Sudath Devapriya
    16 ) 1997 Punuruppaththiya Jayantha Rathnayaka
    17 ) 1997 Bawa Karma Dharmasiri Bandaranayake
    18 ) 2010 Kshema Bhoomi Vijaya Darma Sri
    19 ) 2011 DheewariManuel Salinda Perera
    20 ) 1996 Loku Duwa Sumithra Peiris
    No Year Name Character Director
    1 ) 1998 Julietge Boomikawa Jackson Anthony
    2 ) 2008 Aba Jackson Anthony
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    Yasitha - Posts : 5 (Since :2009-05-19)
    He is one of the greatest actors of all time in Sri Lankan History. Loved to watch him in tele dramas like Dadubasnamanaya , Akala Sandya. He should do more acting than doing administration work. His fans miss him
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